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Nearly one in three Americans will have shingles during their lifetime, a condition that can cause intense pain.  Joseph Oppong, Jr., MD, are experienced pain management specialists with three convenient Innovative Pain Solutions Centers locations in Maryland. If you’re suffering from shingles pain, schedule an appointment in Bowie or Salisbury, Maryland, by calling Innovative Pain Solutions Centers or booking online today.

Shingles Q & A

What is shingles?

Shingles is a condition that often comes with a painful rash. While you can develop a shingles rash anywhere on your body, they’re most common wrapping on either side of your torso and look like a single band of blisters.

This viral infection isn’t life-threatening, but it can be incredibly painful. It’s most common in older men and women or those with weakened immune systems.

You can reduce your risk of having shingles by getting the shingles vaccine.


What causes shingles?

Varicella-zoster - the same virus that triggers chickenpox - causes shingles. This infection can enter your nervous system after you have chickenpox and remain inactive for years.

In some cases, the varicella-zoster virus can reactivate in people. When this happens, it travels along your nerves to your skin and produces shingles. The exact cause of this reactivation isn’t known, but it could be due to your immune system weakening as you grow older.

If you have shingles, you can pass the chickenpox infection on to someone who isn’t immune through direct contact if you have open sores on your rash. Once infected, they would get chickenpox; they wouldn’t have shingles symptoms.


What are the symptoms of shingles?

Shingles can cause a wide range of symptoms, but it’s usually limited to a small area on one side of your body.

The first indication of shingles is usually pain. Additional signs include:

  • Numbness or tingling
  • Sensitivity to touch or itchiness
  • Pain or burning sensations
  • Blisters that can burst and crust over

It’s also common to have a rash that appears a day or two after having pain. You might also experience symptoms like fever, headache, fatigue, and sensitivity to light.


How do you treat shingles?

There isn’t a cure for shingles, but Dr. Oppong offers treatment solutions to manage your symptoms at Innovative Pain Solutions Centers.

The most common therapies for shingles pain include:

  • Medication management, such as antivirals or pain relievers
  • Topical treatments, like creams, gels, or sprays
  • Nerve blocks to treat nerve pain at the source

For more information on shingles pain treatments, call Innovative Pain Solutions Centers or schedule an appointment online today.